Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care Ministry serves those within our community through discipleship, freedom and healing, and creating rhythms of conversation to maintain open channels of communication. This allows us to collaborate with ongoing efforts to create a community based in loving-kindness and high relational-equity. 

Biblical Counsel

Looking for someone to process with? Struggling with grief? Desiring to overcome habitual sin? Our pastoral care ministers are here to help through biblical guidance and counsel. You can learn more about what we believe by visiting our About page.


Tulsa House of Prayer desires to partner with Christ in fulfilling the Great Commission. As a part of this, we seek to provide meaningful and constructive discipling relationships. We believe that in order to develop long-lasting community, we must do the hard-work of getting along while pursuing deep relationship. Whether you are desiring to create lasting rhythms of daily devotion, grow in biblical understanding, or develop your relationship with Christ, our team is happy to walk alongside you in these efforts.

Freedom + Healing

As a part of our initiative to create healthy and whole community, we desire to see all those in our spiritual family free and whole. Through a practice of confession, repentance, and intercession, we believe that we will see a generation of Spirit-filled believers who will walk free of spiritual bondages. 

Intake Form

If you are interested in receiving pastoral care, please fill out our Intake Form below. If you have any questions in filling this form out or would like to discuss further with our Pastoral Care Team, please email or

Pastoral Care Intake Form

Tulsa House of Prayer welcomes people from all denominations, faith backgrounds and walks of life. While we are not affiliated with a denomination, we uphold the present ministry of the Holy Spirit. We believe in His spiritual gifts, graces, fruit, and demonstrations according to historical biblical tenets.



Our pastoral care staff are not licensed counselors. If you would like to discuss any traumatic event, please disclose your decision in the box below.

How we listen:

We desire to be a listening ear to you! Our posture is from a place of prayerfulness and discernment. We seek to be present with you in your story, and will therefore take time to give you our full attention and presence. You can expect us to listen and ask you leading questions and well as responding slowly. We seek to hear and answer with wisdom to give you the best support that you need.