The Hope Valley Outreach takes place every Monday evening from 6 PM until 8 PM.

Located in the corridor of 61st and Peoria, "Hope Valley" is the primary ground of our missional outreach. The name was given to this community by city officials as a means to inspire residents to "keep hope alive". We believe that the prophetic implications of this name are worth interceding for and as we share the HOPE of Hope Valley.

Among many Tulsans, Hope Valley is known for its population of socio-economically disadvantaged individuals and the heightened crime rate. We believe that our call to HARVEST includes a vision of redemption for this community especially.

During our times of ministry to this community, we have implemented a method we call the Nash-Finney model. This is done by sending out one team to gather and interact directly with the residents of Hope Valley through presentations of the gospel, prayer, and searching for persons of peace with whom we can start discipleship groups and ultimately plant missional communities. Simultaneously, another team in the PRAYER ROOM intercedes for supernatural breakthrough in and through our ministry teams.


Every Thursday we partner with THE BOILER ROOM (TBR) in their dinner for victims of homelessness. The Boiler Room has a rich history of serving and seeking the heart of Jesus. Since May 2009, TBR has worked to serve the hungry by providing a hot meal and prayer to any who may need it.

Join us Thursdays at 6 PM to help server the people of Tulsa.
THURSDAY NIGHT LIGHT meets in the Caring Center Lot on 3rd St. and Detroit Ave. in Downtown Tulsa.

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